by Andrew Jones

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released April 8, 2016

Andrew Jones - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synthesizer
Mike Vunovich - bass (#1 - 4)
Peter Gregory - drums (#1 - 4)
Jesse O'Brien - engineering (#1 - 4) - Colorado Sound, Westminster, CO
Bob Parr - engineering, programming - On Parr Studios, Argyle, TX
(# 5- 10)

Produced by Andrew Jones

Art Direction: Aaron Hunt and Ty Dockter

© 2016 Cisum Lived (ASCAP)
International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Andrew Jones Denton, Texas

Andrew Jones is an artist here to record the quiet stories of the world and beyond. After working with artists with major label development deals, Jones was tapped to write for Michael Jackson by way of Steve Porcaro (Toto). The project proved ill-fated, and Jones left music. After a personal journey, Jones developed a polarizing artistry that defies audience expectation. ... more

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Track Name: No One
The older I get the older I feel
A dead man standing in Elysian Fields
waiting to forget we're at the edge of Hell

You hope for love and get strangers' faces
returned letters and vacant spaces

It's so hard to accept that
there's no one
who is waiting for you

I went to school but don't recall
learning everything means nothing at all

But I lie to myself and pray
to no one
who is waiting for you

Write it with candles on a birthday cake
"You won't learn shit from mistakes you make"
That only comes from pain someone puts you through
like you love me, I guess I love you
Track Name: Let the Dream Die
I'm here but really I'm away
building castles in the desert
I'm saving my water for after I've built this tower

The messages that come from space
have been darkening the weather
and I think of previous years around this hour

So don't go thinking like you always have
The mysteries and whisperings won't reveal themselves

I'd warn you to stay away
but the moment's almost over
so breathe in the day, press palms, and start to pray

It's escape I'm talking about
You know everybody's been there
A lover's arms or another time and place

So don't go thinking like you always have
Let go of all the good and bad
The mysteries and whisperings won't reveal themselves

Cuz now isn't something you want to live through
You're never gonna reach what you try to get to
You think of what you want and you've gotta sigh
You're better off just letting the dream die
Track Name: You're Doing It Wrong
I don't understand
that old story about the man
who married himself
and nagged himself to death

or the gardener who sunk
all her flowers in a sunny pond
I guess the lesson is such
You should work for what you want so much

But you do what you should and the result that you have is a wreck

You must be doing it wrong
You probably were from the start
Try as you might but find
You've always been doing it wrong
You don't know how it works at all

I once knew a woman
who was dying just as I left
and I wanted to stop
as if that'd remove the lump from her breast

But probably not
I told myself as I packed my car
You're only making yourself
feel better if you don't go far

And you do what you think is right doubting yourself all along
Track Name: Sunglasses
I wish I had your sunglasses
and I hope they make them bigger
Cuz I'd wear them on my face and I'd put them in my pocket
I wish I had your sunglasses

I wish I had your set of friends
and your pick of the litter
Cuz what I'd do if I had your hands, I had your face, I promise
I'd wake up feeling happier

If I could hide
where I don't know anyone
Eventually I'd be pressured into giving out my name
and history

I wish I had your sunglasses

I wish that I were rich in hope
and could stand to be wealthy
in all the things I want the most
the most I have despising
myself for lacking sunglasses

Cuz I'd wear them on my face and then put them in my pocket
I wish I had your sunglasses
Track Name: Abramelin Squares
I carve your face into the wax
The shape of your name across my lips
Shave the apples of your cheeks
Bathing in the sweetest scents

And fit your name in Abramelin squares

Find the words that were forged in time
Hand over heart, the vow is mine
Spirits make arrangements for
The face you dream, wake to adore

And I'm spelling your name in Abramelin squares
hoping to pull something from thin air
I believe in me and you
So much will it might come true

That is romance
overwhelmed by magic
convinced into submission 'til the ghost's around your throat
and you believe

Hand to neck and feel the pulse
Whisper weakening resolve
Given to the universe
There's no love only a curse

It's like spelling your name in Abramelin squares
Hoping to pull something from thin air
Will it so and make it true
Take what you get like it's meant for you
Track Name: Never Be Sure
Offer no condolences but spite
A life without a promise or advice
Take it back into the palm of your hand
show it off like gold, then squeeze as hard as you can

That's how it's always shown
a simple truth that's always known
to so many faces
but you can never trace it

I hate that you have fun
that the heart never keeps, only borrows

Could it be where you're going or is it
someplace from the past you'll visit
Could be that it's all so obscured
that one can never be sure
Track Name: Ruin Your Life
Pop the cork
I'm isolated

Tap the keg
I'm selfish

Take a picture
I'm lonely

A smile that's flat then inflated
Posing like it's celebration

Ruin your life
Waste your time
Begin, abort
Your time is short

Grab my hand
I'm vacant

Hold my heart
I'm helpless

Sit with friends
We're all pretending

Your stomach goes cold
from stories untold
Always looking back
You can never be whole
Track Name: (Untitled)
You don't have to go
to New York City
just to feel stupid

You can fly to L.A.
but no one will know your name

Just people you know
not people you are
A place you'll never go
but feels good to a part

Don't go far
no pleasure there
Feel just as
useless right here

I've been searching for ways to
explain in some beautiful, timeless way
that nothing makes sense
But nothing makes sense
Nothing makes sense
Track Name: Fake Blues
Fake blues
Things feel right
something's gotta be wrong

Fake blues
Folks I wanna be
smile all I wanna do is cry

Fake blues

Fake blues
I'm alright with everything going wrong

Fake blues
My heart is warm, but I want more
You'll come, but you're not at my door
My lips are pursed but only meet a friend

Fake blues
Track Name: Surrender
I'm talking to you
listen to
me, I'm serious

There's nothing more you can do

I know you tried
despite your circumstances otherwise
But it takes some getting used to
when it's just not meant for you

afraid forever remain
embarrassed and ashamed

There's nothing more left to say

You'll never be good enough
for anyone ever
You'll never look good enough
so stop trying

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